The Emotionally Intelligent
Wellness Professional

Soft skills for developing healthy bodies



The Emotionally Intelligent Wellness Professional is a program for wellness professionals. Everyone who treats patients—whether doctors, nurses, interns, chiropractors, manual therapists, or others--needs to develop “soft skills” to complement their technical expertise. This program will equip wellness practitioners with a “human touch” that is critical in effective treatment.

Participants in the program will learn how to:

  • Express a caring attitude

  • Use body language that builds trust

  • Be sensitive, respectful, and empathetic

  • Listen for emotional and medical “cues”

  • Choose “patient friendly” language

  • Speak with warm and collaborative words

  • Respond in difficult situations

  • Love the practice of medicine and share that love

Those who take this program will deepen their abilities as medical professionals.
They will find their patients become more engaged and appreciative in the healing process.

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