The Emotionally Intelligent
Fitness Professional

Soft skills for developing strong bodies



EQUOS has developed a highly customized program, The Emotionally Intelligent Fitness Professional, for the fitness world. The course brings a new dimension to personal training. Technical skills are no longer enough: the “human side” of coaching is critical and will provide a competitive advantage to trainers and their organizations.

This program will equip trainers with the skills needed to engage and motivate their clients. This offering will foster the “chemistry” that’s key to building long-term client relationships.

Participants in the program will learn how to:

  • Move from informing to inspiring

  • Be “on” whenever they train

  • Focus intently on their client

  • Connect by showing sensitivity and empathy

  • Listen to what the client says, thinks, and feels

  • Use language that motivates

  • Handle challenging conversations

  • Show love – for the experience and the client

The result will be a more satisfactory experience for clients, and a thriving and lasting business for trainers and their organizations.

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