About Us



EQUOS Corporation, established in 2018, teaches an array of “soft skills” to leaders in the worlds of healthcare, fitness, and wellness. EQ, or emotional quotient, lies at the heart of our company and its name. EQ focuses on the interpersonal skills that are so important for success.

The future of firms will depend on the ability of their employees to create strong and lasting relationships through emotional intelligence. A 2018 LinkedIn global survey of 4,000 professionals—executives, people managers, and talent developers—revealed that “training for soft skills is the #1 priority.” Only by honing these interpersonal skills will leaders on all fronts be able to attract and retain talent and sustain client and patient relationships.

EQUOS’s mission is to develop emotional intelligence among those who have teams, staff, clients, and patients and enable them to build stronger, more lasting and caring relationships.

Today companies worldwide routinely look through the lens of EI in hiring, promoting, and developing their employees.
— Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence


EQUOS Corp. was launched by Judith Humphrey, a communications professional, who is the CEO of the firm. She has a 30-year track record in building a global leadership communications company, The Humphrey Group Inc. She is a leader in the field of leadership communications, and has coached top executives in the business world about how to speak. She is the author of three best-selling business books and is a regular columnist for Fast Company, where she has written extensively about emotional intelligence.