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Judith Humphrey

Judith Humphrey is Co-founder and CEO of EQUOS. She is a communications professional with a 30-year track record in founding and building The Humphrey Group, a global leadership communications company with offices in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and Mexico City, and with clients that include IBM, Walmart, Google, and the Canadian banks. She is a leader in the field of leadership communications, and has coached top executives in the business world about how to speak as leaders. She is the author of three best-selling business books: Speaking as a Leader (2010); Taking the Stage (2014); and Impromptu (2017). She is also a regular columnist for Fast Company online where she has written extensively about emotional intelligence.

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Marcus Mackay

Marcus Mackay is Co-founder and COO of EQUOS. He has a track record as a coach, master trainer, fitness leader and award winner in the field of health and wellness. Marcus began his career as a tennis professional, and after receiving his B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Ottawa, he entered the world of fitness and wellness. He joined Equinox as a personal trainer in 2015 and shortly after he became a manager of personal trainers at Equinox Yorkville, where he was instrumental in developing the skills of many coaches. His team of trainers was one of the most successful groups in Equinox’s global organization and for two consecutive years it was recognized as the Personal Training Club of the Year.

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Robert Jacome

Robert Jacome is Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of EQUOS. Rob has a strong entrepreneurial background and strategic leadership accomplishments. Over the past 30 years he has taken numerous businesses from small operations to multinational organizations and has won recognition for growing these companies. Among the honors he has received is the prestigious Profit 100’s Fastest Growing Companies Award, three years in a row. He credits his successes to understanding how to build strategic relationships with customers and teams. These skills underlay the strategic vision EQUOS is pursuing.

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Miranda Popen

Miranda Popen is an Account Executive for EQUOS. Miranda has a strong public relations background and an impressive professional figure skating career that has given her insight into the role trainers can play in their clients’ success. Following her career as a competitive skater at the national level in Canada, she skated in Disney on Ice globally, and eventually joined Equinox as a personal trainer. Her role in EQUOS is to promote the firm through social media and through her extensive network.

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Miles Lambert

Miles Lambert is EQUOS’s Education Manager. He is responsible for overseeing the firm’s outreach to and seminars for colleges and universities. He is an undergraduate at Queen’s University, and is pursuing a program in Kinesiolgy, with a focus on sport psychology and physiology. He is also involved in the Career Committee, the Research in Muscle Physiology Association, the Community Program Internship and the Disability in Physical Activity Certificate at the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies.